Thursday, August 9, 2007

Blogus Interruptus


I was back on the campaign trail today but the 3Q output is hardly telling. I skipped out on a morning Dodd when a few things came up around the Quabbin Qabin (hint: it had to do with cheap beer and Guitar Dudes at McRoofie's in Amherst on Tuesday night). Alas, I did make it up to Merrimack for Johnny Mack, and to boot I threw in the Obama LOGO debate watch party at a gay bar in Manch Vegas. Woo hoo! Unfortunately, the place didn't have wireless (as advertised by the campaign) and they only rented out the room for the first half of the debate! Alas, I will get as much up as I can tomorrow morning. But now its about to be a nightmare on Elm Street.


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