Saturday, August 11, 2007

Biden Uncut

Cotuit, MA -

Ho ho! No sooner do I say those comments about Senator Biden do I find out that he just contradicted me in a Newsweek interview! Witness:

Which Republican in the current field scares you the most?
I could tell you off the record but it sounds too presumptuous to answer something like that. Plus, I think we can beat them all.
What about Rudy Giuliani? Couldn’t he put more states in play than any other Republican?
No. Giuliani’s signature position on national security is the place he’s most vulnerable, based on how little he actually knows about foreign policy.
Would you feel unfulfilled in your career if, as some observers are predicting, you ended up not as president but as secretary of State under the next Democratic president?
I promise you, I don’t want to be secretary of State. If I did, this is certainly not the best way to go about it. I’m going to be taking sharper and sharper exceptions with my colleagues. And it won’t be easy to then turn around and ask to be secretary of State. The truth is, I will be upset only if I don’t say what I think during this campaign. I can die a happy man not hearing “Hail to the Chief.”

Yes! Break out the Cutcos! Bring on the sharp stuff!

Holy crap, its a Quabbin media feeding frenzy down here in shark country! Now if I could only get around to writing that McCain article!

Giddy at the library (and keepin' it pasty indoors),

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