Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hsu's Yer Daddy?

The story coming out of California about the Paw family and all levels of shadiness surrounding HillRaiser and Dem super bundler Norman Hsu is interesting, indeed. The latest, for those who haven't heard, is that the WSJ has reported that a family of seven living in a tiny house in San Francisco, whose head makes a $49,000 postal worker's salary, has given more than $200k to Hillary Rodham Clinton and various other New York Democrats in the past three years. Oh yeah, did I mention that this family happens to have ties with Hsu? Apparently he once listed his address as the one where the Paws are living now.

It gets fishier. Pressed for comment, Hsu's attorney immediately played the race card: "There is no factual support for this story and if Mr. Hsu's name was Smith or Jones, I don't believe it would be a story."

Whoa, don't get defensive or anything. Now the LA Times has reported that Hsu is a fugitive from the law, for the crime of grand theft in a business scheme involving latex gloves and a million dollars! Did I mention he's a HillRaiser, and she ain't giving the money back? It starts with the war, it moves to fundraising, imagine the hubris from an oval office setting! Say what you will about Mitt Romney sprinting away from Mr. Craig, at least he claims to support a level of proper dignity for our elected officials. I'm not trying to be too harsh on Clinton, I'm just saying that Norm Hsu maybe has some questionable judgment. We'll see where this goes, but it stinks of heavy ammo for general election attacks to me.

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