Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Best New Rap, Hip-Hop, or Folk Act

In an early morning blog post over at Politico, Jonathan Martin investigates what could be a turn from folksy to Fuck You in the Huckabee campaign. Martin reports that Huckabee is getting a little bit pluckier with some of the other candidates, notably Mitt Romney.

Highlights include the following:

Voters, Huckabee continued, “want somebody who has lived a life more like they have lived it...For many of us, you know, the word summer is not a verb,” he said. “It was that very hot season that we barely made it without air conditioning in the hot South and worked in summer jobs."

Put that in your Cognac snifter and sip it! Or in Romney's case, root beer mug. But, gee whiz, I bet it is a high end root beer mug!

P.S. the title of the post is in reference to this, and not necessarily to any candidate.

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Julie said...

I got the title. Funny.