Monday, July 23, 2007

YouTube Debates

This is mostly for 3Q Superfan Jon Kraus, who can't watch from Montreal. Anyway, wanna hear what I think in real time? Read on!

HRC - Liberal means for freedom. Since has been turned on its head. "I prefer the word progressive, which has a real American meaning."

Edwards did well to say that we have to take the power away from the powerful.
"we can't trade our insiders for their insiders." Gold.

Dodd video a little questionable. Too much of a ripoff of Richardson.

Wow, Kucinich just came out saying that he is for slavery reparations.

Obama nailed the one-liner part of the race question - how do you respond to the attacks that you aren't black enough: "when I'm catching a cab in Manhattan..."

Edwards: Anyone who won't vote for Barack because he's black or Hillary because she's a woman, I don't want your vote...he's rockin' it tonight.

I like how Dodd sneaks in some props to New Hampshire in the gay marriage question.

Richardson getting applause for taking down Don't Ask Don't Tell.

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