Monday, July 23, 2007

YouTube Debates, part 2

Wow, the Edwards campaign video just gave me chills. I'll be shocked if it can be topped.

Richardson did well to tell a story to start off his Darfur answer with a story.

Joe Biden the world policeman. "Where we can, America must." "They think we can save them, and we can."

Both of my debate party mates just said of Hillary, "I don't think I've ever seen her smile."

Richardson - "The lives of our young troops are more importantly than George Bush's legacy" "This war is a quagmire, its endless and the time has come to bring the troops home."

Gravel - "has it been fair thus far?" chirp...chirp...but then he goes on to talk about Baskin-Robbins in Hanoi and compares US wars to nothing but commerce building.

Obama bring more of the pre-Iraq pain to HRC, "the time to ask how to get out of Iraq was before we got in."

I really think Hillary is rattled. She isn't the same as she was in the past.

She did do well to finish her answer about being a woman President to the Middle East: "It would be quite appropriate to have a woman represent the United States." to those nations.

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