Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Recurring Brownback Bitch Slap

In the latest NH poll*, Senator Brownback has dropped from 2% in June to below 1% in July. Biblical prophesy states: the end is nigh.

What I find the most interesting about the poll isn't that McCain and Romney have traded places at virtually the same rate since February '05, nor is it that Giuliani has practically flatlined at 20% for two straight years aside from a few high 20s debate-fear-induced blips. Rather, it is that Duncan Hunter has been at ZERO for his entire candidacy. Are you telling me that these guys aren't supporting him? But I guess that is Duncan Hunter's biggest problem. In a state like New Hampshire, much of the pro-excessive force voting bloc is too often holed up in a tax-evading compound to vote in a Federal election. And of course, Tancredo has these guys locked up.

As I've predicted all along, Romney is a force. Maybe I'll ask some of the media wizards what they think of it later today. I'll be up in Hanover to listen to a slate of "all-star political journalists" talk about the primaries. Uhhhhh...jackpot!

* The official position here at 3Q is to pay no attention to poll when determining the true legitimacy of candidates. At times, though, they are very helpful.


Peace Czar said...

Perhaps Brownback can monger a little more fear into Americans that *cancer* is the greatest moral crisis (or was it threat?) facing our country. You wanna talk about cancer, Sammy? Let's talk about deregulation of industrial pollution, genetically modified foods, antibioto-pesticidinal ridden foods, dioxin leached bottled water, mind-numbing TV rays from the latest episode of "Ouch, My Groin!" and a great big grey cloud of anxious fear that most Americans live under. Talk about those issues and you might even have MY vote.

But make sure you make me feel that you believe in dinosaurs, AND that Triceratops was your favorite. An herbivore pacifist who could wreck house with T-Rex. My kinda guy.

Peace Czar said...

To clarify to the less politico-fanboy readers: in the last GOP debate, "cancer" is how Brownback answered a question that was given to each and every candidate. I believe the question was "what's the greatest moral crisis facing America"?