Friday, July 20, 2007

Pride and Poise

I fully realize that I bailed on that McCain article I promised about a week or so ago. I did a lot of thinking about it and I set up the links that I wanted to use, but by the time I got around to writing it, the issue was pretty well kicked. Not to mention my theory that McCain was done for and would potentially drop out of the race by July's end was all but squashed by everyone and their brother. Well, maybe not the Five Brothers. This viewpoint was just reiterated in Jonathan Martin's GOP blog on The Politico. He reports that McCain has released a 7-page memo about his latest campaign strategy - some magical combination of "living off the land" to preserve funds and adopting Al Davis' motto of "Just win, Baby!" Yes! Now that is a strategy that we can believe in here at 3Q, as long as it includes building fires with flint stones and using pine boughs as mattresses.

Entirely unrelated, but speaking of the Five Brothers, is this Craig Romney or Max Piana?
Yet more unrelated news, boy am I getting old. It was an ugly day down at Holyoke's Ashlie Reservoir.


MDB said...

That's not Piana. It's Shauneen Garrahan.

netto said...

A race in Holyoke without Hans Despain?

I think McCain has a little life yet, especially with people starting to blow up Fred Thompson's spot as mildly pro-choice: