Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Corruption's Last Frontier

Give 'em the boot!

I know this has nothing to do with the 2008 Presidential election, but yesterday's news that Alaska Senator Ted Stevens' home was being raided by the Feds to investigate the taking of bribes from VECO Corporation in cahoots with his son brought a little warmth to Quabbin Qountry (and how! It's like 95 today). Turns out that Alaska Congressman Don Young is the focus of a similar investigation for taking bribes from the same corporation as his colleague.

Keep in mind, this is the same state where outgoing Senator Frank Murkowski (in a seat he wrestled away from Mike Gravel on Reagan's 1980 coattails) appointed his daughter Lisa to his expiring seat when he was elected governor in 2002. He appointed his daughter!

Now Stevens, you will recollect, is the same schmuck who tried to hijack a Hurricane Katrina relief and Iraq troop appropriations bill by attaching a provision to open drilling in ANWR. The tactic was so slimy that even Joe Liebermann voted against the funding! Senator Ted also developed a fierce rivalry with Senator Maria Cantwell over ANWR, and brought his sleazy gang down to Seattle to fundraise for Mike McGavick's unsuccessful bid to unseat her. Now I'm no huge fan of Cantwell, but the chutzpah that Stevens showed in waltzing down the Gulf of Alaska into Puget Sound country was abominable. I don't think your Incredible Hulk tie will help you now, Steve-o.

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