Monday, July 9, 2007

Vive Le Democracy

Once again, I hate to beat a dead source, especially when it is the Bourgeois likes of The Times, but my continued readership this afternoon brought me to this gem from Patrick Healy, whose vacationing dispatch from France brought to light the interest of the Parisians in our own election, notably when it concerns HRC. It is an interesting read on the whole, but best characterized by this outside observation, reminiscent of the truth spoken most recently by Jean Girard:

My friend Julio underscored the questions about Mrs. Clinton this way: would she be a president who told the truth to Americans about Iraq and terrorism and other challenges? Or, he asked, “would she continue to triangulate, as she and other Democrats did on Iraq and the Patriot Act, in order to win power?”

Julio, my friend, you must have spent plenty of time down at the schoolyard. Even if Paul Simon is a Dodd supporter.

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