Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Reporting on Reporting

Hanover, NH -

We are live blogging from Dartmouth College's Silsby Hall here in the upper Connecticut Valley on a dark, wet afternoon. Apparently they have wireless internet in college classrooms these days. I feel so old. I didn't even have a cell phone in college, and correct me if I am wrong but I don't believe wireless internet had been invented.

Today's panel discussion, Reporting on the Primaries: There Has to Be a Better Way to Pick a President, is hosted by Ron Suskind and Linda Fowler and features the following panelists: David Chalian, ABC News; David Mark, The Politico; Walter Shapiro, Salon; Karen Tumulty, Time; and Russ Walker,

It is scheduled to start in about five minutes. Back with more as the talking heads show up to their seats.

In the meantime, a fellow in a seersucker jacket behind me is bemoaning the lack of student presence in spite of some of the greatest journalists in the country. He counted one student - me. Looking around, there are a few more, but not even ten.


EZ said...

Seersucker! I love seersucker. It's so summer.

I love swimming.

Julie said...

dude, you're not exactly a student. you have that youthful, impish grin and all, but you're pushin 26

BTB said...

There are a lot of opportunities for swimming in New Hampshire. I can't say the same thing for New York. And yeah, I am clearly not a student, but this guy was a real crank. His judgment was clouded at best. Then again I was wearing a blazer and a tie so I would have been easily mistaken for a Dartmouth student.

Julie said...

OK, cranks be damned. But also, doesn't "live blogging" mean you write what happens at the event, AS it is happening? This was how many days ago? We're still at the edges of our seats.

BTB said...

Yeah, my bad. Live blogging is a bitch. I was busting my ass to take notes and certainly unable to make them coherent and post them in real time.