Monday, July 23, 2007

YouTube Debate, part 4

Richardson gets some applause for calling out GOP for suppressing minority voters.

Don't like the Biden video.

A BOEING commercial? WTF?

Kuci brings back his house in Cleveland.

The thing I like about Richardon's health care talk is that he mentions widespread issues more than anyone else, like diabetes, autism, etc.

Obama also with the personal story. Looks like the strategists are getting through. A lot of applause.

Edwards on the attack some more, closes with a bigtime story, shows his fiery passion.

HRC writes down everyone's name who asked the question, then repeats them for America. Well done.

Yes!!! Someone asks about the Bush-Clinton dynasty! Oohh, she answers it well, though, pushing it on Bush and backing Al Gore.
Thanks to Gravel for taking issue with it.

Biden - "I tell you what, if those are his babies, he needs help." Wooo!

Obama's video - also very good.

Edwards - "I don't like your jacket." Some good ol' zings!

Holy shit, Biden! Biden!!!


netto said...

Money. Mitt Romney money. Well blogged, BTB.

But I say those guys from Tennessee were annoying.

And was that girl from San Luis Obispo related to Morgan Philbin? Could've been, right?

Peace Czar said...

Much obliged for the coverage, BTB. I've got to ask, if much of this debate was YouTube format, how much can I find on the internet? Should've Tivo'd the bloody thing.

Glad to hear Edwards is really stumpin' the populist rhetoric, and that Obama is loosening his collar. But WTF? I check WP's The Fix to see that Hillary is STILL regarded as a debate winner?? Perhaps America has confused bland complacency with clutch performance for so long that we no longer know the difference. She's like a grown-up Reese Witherspoon from Election (tight film, extra props to Matthew Broderick), except I would have no compulsion to bone her at any point, even in her Wellesley days. And we know how I feel about those dames. HRC, "Progressive", wooooo!

BTB said...

Netto, yeah, I thought of Morgan Philbin, too. As for the Fix - unbelievable. HRC was 3rd at best, most likely 5th. Edwards was the clear winner in my view, Obama was probably 2nd, Richardson 3rd.

BTB said...

I meant to say 3rd - 5th could have been any order of Richardson, Clinton, Biden depending on what your interpretation of debate skill is. Biden had a sluggish start but took off the gloves and closed strong. I am still laughing about his gun nut bit, and the Kucinich's wife part. I was literally keeled over with laughter for that one. Clinton definitely had some good applause lines, but like I said looked pissed and rattled at times. Also, she is just lame. Richardson did a good job of presenting his ideas and going a bit beyond the others in terms of what are important issues, but he still has a lot of work to do in the way of showing his charm on tv.

BTB said...

And really, Dodd was not far behind.

Mike said...

All of these guys were dufuses. They were all polished well by their handlers, and the questions were, surprise surprise CNN, softball questions.

The "You Tube Community" is a joke, and so was this "debate".

Peace Czar said...

Anyone who blogs that the national minimum wage should currently be under 2 bucks is a douchebag of the most supremely dumbfounding variety. And THAT's the straight talk.