Monday, July 23, 2007

YouTube Debates, part 3

Bill Richardson is really getting the shaft here, and Kuci is in a big lull. I don't think I've heard them in twenty minutes.

Sure enough, here he is, reiterating the differences between him and "the Senators." After being mocked for saying "I'm a Governor" too often last time, it looks like he is just shifting the frame. Uh oh, Biden just called him a Senator.

Biden again dropping the IED stuff. "How in good conscience can you vote not to send those vehicles over there?"

Kucinich now attacking Obama, telling him that you can't say you have been against the war the whole time when you vote to pay for it. Damn, I think Biden and Kucinich would fight if they were in a room together.

I dunno about Richardon's commercial. It didn't give him enough face time. He was chuckling at it, though.

"Everyone on the stage voted for NCLB." - Anderson. Bam. Biden sounds sick to his stomach.

Maria: "Is this guy stoned, or what?" regarding the public school or private school guy.

Booo! HRC is full of shit!
Obama says it well that a Senator can get his kids into a good public or private school, but he is concerned about people who can't afford it.

Edwards talking about teaching his kids about "bad touching" is kind of an awkward moment.

The AL Gore Hicks from TN just took over from the NCLB song for the best questioners.

Cooper - "Are you fellow candidates green enough?" Kuci - "No."

Gravel makes an interesting point, talking about shifting the tax structure from an income tax to a sales tax. Everything he says is controversial. "I took the train. And the bus" Yes!

I like how Richardson tried to trick Cooper by not raising his hand because he didn't take a private jet "tonight" he took it yesterday. It was more of a joke, then a deceit. Hooray for jokes.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for bryan!

BTB said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks.