Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Caucus in Yer Face, Part II

Tacoma, WA -

Wow, I am suddenly aflutter with the realization that Iowans will be caucusing tomorrow (!!!) and we will be seeig the very first crabapple fruits of our long labors of paying attention to the 2008 Prez race.

Here are a few things on my mind.

*The fact that Giuliani is making Florida the center of his campaign says EVERYTHING we need to know about him. And it ain't good.

*Romney is still an asshole. Huckabee is still hilarious.

a reporter asked him why, last month, he was at first unaware of a National Intelligence Estimate detailing the threat posed by Iran, despite the fact the report had been made public for several hours.

"That was released at 10 o’clock in the morning," Huckabee said. "At 5:30 in the afternoon, somebody says, ‘Have you read the report?’ Maybe I should’ve said, ‘Have you read the report?’ President Bush didn’t read it for four years; I don’t know why I should read it in four hours.”

May the best Republican win!

*With the potential for sheer, jaw-dropping, gut-punching losses now finally at the door I find it utterly hilarious to see the campaigns suddenly go out of their way to lower the expectations. Clinton. Romney. Huckabee.

Obama - 31
Edwards - 27
Clinton - 21
Richardson - 11
Biden - 7
Dodd -2
Kucinich - 1

Huckabee - 36
Romney - 26
Thompson - 18
Paul - 8
McCain - 7
Giuliani - 3
Hunter - 2

Does that even work with the rules? Who knows. But why not predict.


Luke N. Vargas said...

ended up doing pretty well!!

Anonymous said...

well played sir...since MI delegates don't matter (for the party that matters), im wondering if you have an endorsement for republican candidates and what criteria you use for selecting? i mean, i understand that Huck is a tight dude who runs a lot, but he's a crazy christian. McCain is kinda scary too though. Not sure what to do in lonely MI.....

BTB said...

Thanks for the props. See the latest post.