Monday, December 31, 2007

Joe Klein: Worst Writer EVER

Tacoma, WA -

Along with about fifty million other people, I've had enough of that shitbag. Although all of the Elite Media is predictably piling on Huckabee because he is poor and from the country, Joe Klein does it with more baseless elitism than ANY ONE, this time citing his podunk-ness by way of an unfamiliarity with monstrous press gatherings.

"a gazillion cameras, nearly a hundred reporters, certainly more than Huckabee has ever seen in one place in his life."

Fuck him. I am actually going to take that as a compliment for my man of the people, Mike Huckabee.

Of course, he goes on to predict a downfall.

"That sound you hear rumbling out of Des Moines appears to be a monumental implosion."

I can't wait until Huckabee proves Klein wrong. Did I mention that he used that same article to mention that he was near the guy who filmed the ad? Ohh, you're so important. Shut up. As much as I miss New Hampshire, I sure as hell don't miss the damned elite media.

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