Friday, January 4, 2008

As Iowa Burns

Old Town Tac, WA -

Bill Clinton Whines. Poor Bill is looking for some FOX-styled fair and balanced coverage of his gal Hill.

"I think we can change [the tone of campaigns] as long as you have access to information by people who are committed to judging everybody by the same set of rules and following the same set of rules," he said. "According to the most recent media analysis, that’s not what’s happened so far, but yeah, I think it should be done."

"Nobody would like it better than us if you could get that personal vilification out of there, because nobody’s been vilified more than we have,"

Except, of course, get ready for some straight up MUD. Drugs? Race? Experience? Ears? It's all on the table. We're about to find out in these next two weeks just how badly America wants change.

Reminds me of Chris Rock. I can't find the transcript, but in one of his comedy bits he was talking about black people in the 'hood blaming the media for why it is a bad place to live. I'll paraphrase "'It ain't us, its the media! The media has distorted our image!' Well when I'm in the hood, I ain't afraid of gettin' robbed by the media."

Well that reminds me of another Chris Rock line.
"That shit wasn't about race... that shit was about fame. If O.J. wasn't famous he'd be in jail right now. If O.J. drove a bus, he wouldn't even be O.J. He'd be Orenthal the bus driving murderer."

Well if Hillary Clinton wasn't married to Bill she would be Ms. Rodham the war-baiting, election-losing lawyer. Fairness is a two-way street, Bill.

Let's face it, Chris Rock was the sage of the 1990s.


Julie said...

The new poll results have Obama surging in NH. It's like folks were going to be "OK" with Clinton because they weren't sure they had permission to throw in with someone different. Thanks, Iowa. And with regard to her sinking herself with her confusing messages of change & experience, I wonder if Mark Penn has lost his edge, is too arrogant, or if it is just desperation... That seemed to be against anything I ever learned about strategy at the good ol' PS&B.

netto said...

"Well if Hillary Clinton wasn't married to Bill she would be Ms. Rodham the war-baiting, election-losing lawyer. Fairness is a two-way street, Bill."

I'm not 100% this is true. Though I'd like to agree with it just because it such a sharply crafted zinger, I think a lot of people don't like her simply because of Bill (and I'm even talking about Repubs here). They think she is riding in on Bill's coattails which seems nepotistic, and nobody likes nepotism. Also, some people hate her for not having the guts to dump Bill after he cheated on her. Point being: her connection to Bill is a gift and a curse and without him she might be that woman who worked for the Children's Trust Fund after law school. There's really no way to say.

BTB said...

That is exactly what I am saying. If she wasn't married to Bill she wouldn't be in this position.

There are a number or good reasons not to like her, and that is why I don't feel bad about making my counterpoints to her candidacy, but first and foremost is that it is in our national interest to avoid nepotism yet again.

I strongly believe that the American Presidency these days is an awful lot about image and the things it can inspire, and while unfair to one person (Hillary) to be discounted because of her past relationships, it is better than being unfair to an entire generation who doesn't think you can become President without being called Bush or Clinton.

I refer you to my Valentine's Day Edition from last year, where I touch on the extreme sexual power of the White House. If that is what is pulling these people back, I fear the lusty results of the aftermath.

To paraphrase the old maxim, Power Corrupts, Sexual Power Corrupts Absolutely.

I know firsthand what kinds of bad decisions are made in the heat of lust. The more you get it, the more you want it.