Friday, January 4, 2008

Not Sick of Iowa Yet?

Old Town Tacoma, WA -

Me, neither. That said, I urge you to check out for a kickass up-close-and-personal view of the last day or two of the Iowa caucuses. This guy pulled off a terrific BTB impression, nay, a better-than-BTB impression by taking the roadshow from Watertown, MA to Des Moines, IA just to be a part of it. Did I mention this guy is still in High School (and may I recommend Wesleyan University as a next stop on the education train)? Get on the bandwagon of greatness while there is still room. Great photos, great reactions, great times.

Speaking of NH bloggers, the Times (those elite bastards) left out 3Q (and rightly so), but they did give some props to the NH Blog Scene, including BH and Cosmo, in today's caucus. Peep it out.

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