Monday, January 7, 2008


Tacoma, WA -

I don't mean to sound like a prick, but I was overcome with a mixture of frustration and self-satisfaction earlier today as I perused the Elite Media's take on the Granite State stump speech. If these schmucks didn't spend their entire careers attending debate press luncheons and writing about how smart they were, they might actually know something about what gets said to real people on a day-to-day basis.

Instead, you have Cillizza calling cleft-palate victim James Lowe part of John Edwards' stump speech for merely a few weeks. On the contrary, Lowe has been on the lips of Edwards ever since his poverty tour in mid-July!

Then down at MSNBC they tout (yes, I'm the BTB that shouts them down) new-found war protesters as a sign of McCain's renewed vigor. Had they paid any attention to what was going on at the actual events instead of patting each other on the back on the Straight Talk Express (which I had the scruples to stay away from...not that I was invited...not that it would have mattered) they would have known that the brave and dedicated protesters have been with McCain from the start and through the hard times. Back when the talking heads were calling for broke-ass McCain to drop out...the protesters were there. Back when McCain was calling for No Surrender...the protesters were there. They don't care about polls, they care about America lives. Nay, human lives. To hell with your false narrative, Elites!

Meanwhile, on the campaign spin front, Score another one for Jonny Reid!

Speaking about more slimy attacks from the desperate Clinton campaign, Edwards had this to say about them:

"My reaction is that this campaign has no conscience."

Target sighted. Target locked. BOMB DROPPED.

The message remains to the Elite Media as they try to knock down people like Huck and Paul while shouting from the backs of McCain and Clinton. Hey Jerks, Stay Outta Riverdale!

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netto said...

wow. brilliant simpsons allusion.