Friday, January 4, 2008

Spin It

Old Town Tac, WA -

My favorite piece of spin so far definitely belongs to John Edwards.

"What is clear is that [voters] are not interested in status quo," Edwards said. "They're interested in change. They want to see a candidate of change, and so they now have two choices in making that decision, and this choice is somebody who will fight for the change that makes America what it's capable of being.

He then went on to steal a line from Bill Richardson. "I am not the candidate of glitz. I am not the candidate of glamour."

TWO choices? I guess that means the top two placers in Iowa, percentages be damned! But hey, its a winner-take-all business!

My least favorite bit of non-spin comes from McCain.

"When Tiffany asked if he intended to keep Americans in Iraq for 50 years, McCain shot back, 'Make it a hundred.'"

This, folks, is why the more I hear John McCain the more I grow to dislike John McCain. He is on the verge of replacing Rudy Giuliani as the most war-clamoring, fear-mongering candidate in the race. And THAT, is what I despise most of all.

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