Monday, January 7, 2008

Clintons, Enough Is Enough

Just scanning First Read right now and I am struck by the two Clinton stories at the top.

#1) Hillary starts crying talking about how hard she works to help people

#2) Bill gets interrupted by a cell phone call from Hillary who says she is not entitled to the Presidency

I have actually been scrummin' it up a bit over on Blue Hampshire giving my two cents for why Hillary does feel entitled to the Presidency as evidenced by her attitude and body language on the stump and in the debates, and her campaign's sleazy tactics against her Democratic opponents.

These two ruses by the Clinton campaign spell out pretty perfectly why I don't want them back in the White House.

For starters, they have pulled so much bullshit this campaign that I can't even trust Hillary when she chokes up. How perfect? She comes across as nasty and aggressive in the debates, awww, and now she is getting emotional about helping people. See, guys, she's not so mean, after all!

Next, another human moment with Bill (they spontaneously love each other! Yay!) Yeah, right, like she didn't know he was in a meeting of supporters. What a crock. And the first thing out of his mouth, Oh, by the way, people, she isn't entitled. Listen to what I say.

That is the problem with the Clintons. They have forced me (and so many of us) into a pigeonhole where I can't help but think that every single thing that they do is scripted to show a poll-tested point. Whether that is true or not (and I believe that it is true) it is exactly why it is time for a Change, at the very least in last names of the President.

P.S. Iraq.

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Anonymous said...

The cell phone trick is so lame, its out of the Rudy playbook for god's sake