Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vote for Bill Richardson


Peace Czar said...

I wanna see some complete transparency on this one! Can we get a breakdown of points per category?

BTB said...

Am I being audited? More like Hottteted.

I couldn't fit it on the blog in an appropriate fashion. E-mail may have to suffice for anyone interested in full results. Send queries to

netto said...

Well done and worth the wait. I couldn't agree more on how refreshing it is that Richardson is talking about the environment, mental health, and diplomacy. I am not saying I agree (Richardson's performance on Meet the Press scarred me) but I find your analysis satisfying for both its intellect and moral character.

As an aside, I'm interest in how Obama rated out (51 points to put him in a tie for second is pretty good considering he is an Establishment candidate who is probably vetting his words more than anyone but HRC).

And I'm interested in how Richardson graded on baggage and pandering. His baggage stems from, among other things, the fact that the Chinese stole nuke secrets while he was Energy Sec and the pandering stems from his pandering to Hillary at the debates.

BTB said...

Thanks for the kind words.

I'm sure his pander and baggage ratings are lower than you expect. He certainly scored some major pander points along the way (IA caucus God remarks, for instance) but scores were dulled by asking people to sacrifice EVERY time he stopped, and bringing up novel ideas and topics.
As for the baggage stuff, transparency helps to heal that, coupled with the fact that he has low name recognition. People know and hate Clinton and Edwards from national tickets, but not so much some of the other candidates.

Luke N. Vargas said...

exceptionally well researched and considerate endorsement, my friend. I bumped into Richardson this morning in Des Moines getting out of the elevator and the man looks tired, but he's certainly strong in the areas you mention