Friday, December 7, 2007

Distasteful Non-Answers

Concord, NH -

Today's U-L has an AP piece that simply asks a handful of the candidates which foods they hate. Typically, a handful of them (Clinton, obviously included) couldn't answer.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton: "I like nearly everything. "I don't like, you
know, things that are still alive."
Former Sen. John Edwards: "I can't stand
mushrooms. I don't want them on anything that I eat. And I have had to eat them
because you get food served and it's sitting there and you're starving, so you
Sen. Barack Obama: "Beets, and I always avoid eating them."
Bill Richardson: Mushrooms, specifically. "I'm not a big vegetable eater."
Recalling the first President Bush's distaste for broccoli, he said: "I
sympathize with that fully."
Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani:
Former Gov. Mike Huckabee: "Carrots. I just don't like carrots. I
banned them from the governor's mansion when I was governor of Arkansas because
I could."
Sen. John McCain: "I eat almost everything. Sometimes I don't do
too well with vegetables."
Former Gov. Mitt Romney: "Eggplant, in any shape
or form. And I've always been able to avoid it."
Former Sen. Fred Thompson:
"Not much. I've tried to do better about that. I jokingly say that we kind of
have a diet around our house that if it tastes good, you don't eat it. I haven't
quite got there yet. There's not much that I turn down. That's a good thing on
the campaign trail because you get quite a variety."

Seriously, answer the question.

"Things that are still alive?" I understand that rich people eat exotic things, but that doesn't make any sense at all.

Fred Thompson, are you talking? What a waste of time.

My answer? Black licorice.


Peace Czar said...

How prescient of this Gravel video:

"Most candidates can't tell you their favorite ice cream flavor without a focus group."

Sad & true.

Vince said...

dude, i hate beets too. i think i'm going to vote for obama.

what a bunch of fucking losers. when will someone show up who speaks reality AND isn't talking out of his ass like gravel? (e.g., "dude, i'm awesome because i fucked over my creditors when i filed for bankruptcy relief.") i know people who fit the bill. why won't they run for office? obviously the candidates (1) don't like vegetables and (2) struggle to stay on their diets (right out of billy clint's playbook, by the way). it's like a novel written by a third-grader.

actually, though, i was serious about obama. he bullshits all the time, but i think his nature is to speak true. wish he wouldn't listen to "strategists" so much. i throw them in quotes because they're a bunch of tools (other than carville, who balls like none other): if you can't beat me at rock paper scissors, you're not a strategist son.

promise you i'd campaign for someone who will holler like tupac: life as a baller: alcohol and booty calls. we used to do them as adolescents, do you recall?... 2 in the morning and we still high assed out, screamin 'thug til i die' before i pass out.

CB said...

That Huckabee quote makes me sick. Exactly why I dislike him more than any other candidate in the race.