Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Another Slow Day

Snow Pond, NH -

It has been a quiet night here at Three Q. I tried listening to the Democratic NPR debate but I got bored halfway through. I mean, in spite of their efforts to keep it to relevant issues, I nevertheless found the thing to be boring and not terribly insightful. I still like the YouTube one best.

Better yet, I began work on my endorsement metric. I have finally pegged down a date for my official endorsement of a candidate here at 3Q: Sunday, December 16. That should give you all enough time to realize that my choice is an intelligent one, and then get on your horse and caucus for him (or her, I guess). My endorsement will come out based on a series of qualitative judgments on quantitative measures, if that makes sense. In other words, my judgment on a series of issues will be taken into account on a weighted scale. I have no idea who will get my endorsement! I am hoping this takes away the bias of whose jokes I found funniest or whose suits I like best.

Stay tuned!



DJK said...

One (no longer) secretly devoted reader eagerly awaits your tabulation. Even as I steal a fantasy playoff spot from you...

Vince said...

but whose suits DID you like best? was anyone sartorially daring, or did they all rock exactly what you would think they would rock?

clothes make the man, which is why i've started rocking the pocket sqaure on a semi-regular basis.

Luke N. Vargas said...

im excited!