Monday, December 24, 2007

The Ocean

Lincoln City, OR -

My second Lincoln of the trip. I parted ways with Brother Vince a few hours ago, and now I'm finally on the last leg of the trip up the Oregon Coast, over to I-5 and into Tacoma. The skies are a rare coastal blue, the seas a ruggedly cloud-like white. I can feel the mild, wet air filling my insides. Its a beautiful thing. I left the camera in the car when I came into the coffee shop here to scope out travel routes, but look forward to some coastal beer photos, and, in a few more days, an entire chronicle of the trip. While I'm at it, look forward to a review of Neil Young's Mirrorball album.

Life on the Road,

Tacoma, WA -
Here are some fly pics from the O-Coast, circa Newport.
First Stop: The Rogue Brewery on Yaquina Bay
Next Up: Enjoying a brew on the beach.

What a beautiful day. What a beautiful place.

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