Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Substance and the Shadow

There has been a lot of talk about Fred Thompson looking Presidential. Yesterday he spoke on the Hill with little substance, and today I watched a month-old clip of a FOX News interview (part 1, part 2). I, too, found little substance. I am not condemning him by any stretch, given that he is merely a citizen right now and not a candidate, but nor am I impressed. He doesn't even look presidential. As Dana Milbank writes, "Actually, Thompson looked old and sallow as he faced the cameras for a few seconds before hopping into a waiting GMC Envoy." It's true! Thompson is jowlier than Alfred Hitchcock. Combine him with McCain and GOP suddenly stands for Geriatric Old Party. The article I linked in the previous post talks of Thompson as a Cuban-smoking, pickup-driving everyman, but based on the interviews I have seen he is far from receiving my vote as the GOP beer candidate. I would be afraid he would keel over or lecture me on being more pious. Plus, he's a shitty actor.

We will close on a lighter note. Everybody sing along with John McCain, "Bomb bomb bomb..."

HI-larious, right??

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BTB said...

OK, so the video got taken down. But on the bright side, we out-scooped the New York Times. THE NEWS YORK F'in TIMES! They must be 3Q readers. They fuckin' should be!