Sunday, April 15, 2007

Never Surrender!

Earlier today I was on The Weekly Standard's website reading this article about Fred Thompson, and I scrolled over an ad, paid for by McCain 2008, with the blue-sheened stars of our great Flag framing the words "SURRENDER IS NOT AN OPTION" and with a plea to sign this petition to "tell Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid that withdrawal will endanger America." Take that, Madame Speaker! What I have never understood about the withdrawal of troops from Iraq is how it equates to surrender. To me, surrender only exists in a well-defined battle with two distinct sides. Are we surrendering to the state of Iraq? We are the state of Iraq! Are we surrendering to "the terrorists"? If that is the case it implies that we will let them have their way with us, whoever they are. Even the most Colbert-hating traitorous liberal wouldn't agree with that statement. The idea of leaving as surrendering also implies that we will otherwise stay until they surrender, whoever they are. Given that scenario 2 is impossible, I argue that scenario 1 is also illogical and false. Instead, we surrender our dignity by staying over there. We surrender the happiness and livelihood of the families of our fallen soldiers. We have surrendered $417 billion dollars. Isn't it about time we replaced our white flag with those beautifully evocative stars and stripes?


BTB said...

For instance, tonight there was some drama when Ace Comings said he had surrendered to Mossie in a game of Connect 4 (read: two distinct adversaries) while we were at Our House West but Mossie implored Ace to finish the game, presumably so he could humiliate him into actually losing. But it turned out that Ace was the winner. Did Ace resign? Or Was he the ulitmate victor? Now THAT is something debatable. Surrender in Iraq? not so much

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I think this guy read my blog.

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