Saturday, April 28, 2007

McNeill's for Realz.

Brattleboro, VT -

I am sitting halfway down a long, German beer hall-styled table on a moderately warm spring night in the upper Connecticut River Valley pondering how my life was completely altered not but ten minutes ago. What could cause such a stir? Quite simply, it is the unlikely bedfellow of wireless internet and McNeill's Brewery. Coming home from Middlebury this evening I stopped in at my old watering hole, thinking I would turn on the laptop and try to churn out some words that I could later cut and paste into my blogspot interface, and was shocked to find a real-deal wireless connection. The potential of drastically altering 1) the face of McNeill's, 2) my social life and 3) the utter fabric of Western New England is real, very very real. Let me tell you, brothers and sisters, how the cask beer goes down easier than water after a ten mile run. Let me tell you how sweet it is, like the perfect match of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie on a brisk fall eve.

Although now that I have opened everything up I realize that I don't have much to say. The Clyburn fish fry and California Dem caucus mean little to me, as does the GOP bickering circuit. On the McCain trail, there have apparently been lots of railings against Harry Reid and his comments on a lost war. As McCain puts it, " if you declare this war lost, then who won? Who won? Al-Qaeda? Are we ready to acknowledge that Al Qaeda has won the war in Iraq? I don’t think so." You are missing the point! Of course Qaeda didn't win the war. Qaeda was never involved in Iraq! Hello, McFly! It is all one big moot point. So shame on both of those guys. Reid for being a bitch and trying to embarrass the administration with the "loss" thing and McCain for trying to exploit it without any real basis. I hate to beat a dead horse (unless it is a McNeill's Dead Horse IPA on cask) but I won't be undersold on this issue! As my boy Zak says, "No more lies!"

On the bright side the spring peepers are out, the rivers are flowing fast and furious and the running career is back in full swing. Plus I'm just really excited about McNeill's. Regrettably, I live an hour away.

Duck's Breath,


Gabriel said...

nice post bro, you should know that you have a loyal reader across the atlantic (and then, subsequently, the mediterranean). bringing up Rage's conscious words about lying re:McCain reminded me of old friend Toni Braxton's paean on lies:
"I can't take no more of this cry, cry, cryin,
You know that you ain't ***
With your lies, lies, lies…."

It seemed appropriate.

Burley said...

Wow! and in other news, I just got indoor plumbing last week too! All the way up here in Montpelier!

On a related note, Governor Douglas of Vermont is pushing to provide High-Speed Internet access to the entire state.

For the record, I do not like Dougles very much at all.