Friday, April 20, 2007

Pursuing Happiness - In English

Please recall the imbroglio over Newt Gingrich's English-first comments of a few weeks ago. In making a plea for English to be the only language spoken in classrooms and on ballots, he called it the "language of living in a ghetto" and was lambasted for his words from sources across all spectra. Recently he wrote a clarification, here posted in the Manch U-L where he talks of his own difficulties learning Espanol and the importance of multilingualism in culture and commerce, if not in government. It is worth a read, if only for what appears to be sincerity. Either that or its fool me twice, shame on me.

Plus, Bill Maher is on point in the Huff Post. Conservation may be a personal virtue, according to Dickey C., but it is a pretty important virtue. "So thanks guy in line at Starbucks, you just killed us."

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