Thursday, March 1, 2007

Madness, Woman Madness

Yo, Word:



Vince said...

so tight. i love how newt has revealed himself in the last five years as being a brilliant politician rather than an ideological conservative. the contract with america stuff was pretty clearly a guise.

i wonder how many of our politicians are like this--i mean, could howard dean be a conservative republican as easily as a left-wing voice?

o said...

i wouldn't be so quick to say that this is the true newt and what we saw in '94 was a shrewd move.

that being said, i do wonder how events like 9/11 might have changed the views of politicians. i can definitely see how social conservatives might decide to put aside some of their social beliefs because they see a need to effectively deal with the war on terror.

anyway, im with newt, let the mass debating begin

Vince said...

when you see newt on "meet the press" and the like, you can't help but recognize that he has no problem applying his tremendous scheming powers this way or that. i'm not saying that one visage or another is the real newt (a la "the real" btb)--only that the real politician inhabits a world logically prior to political content.

o said...

fair point sorry to have mischaracterized what you said. so why isn't he considered a flip flopper??

Vince said...

how old is bob dole?

even back in the days of "all eyez on me" he was too old to understand the way the game's told. that was more than a decade ago.

BTB said...

Bob Dole? Bob Dole's 83.

Furthermore, I think it is only called flip-flopping when you change from one popular decision to another. Newt might transcend it for changing from a questionably popular track to one where he talks shit about the majority.
But then again, he is speaking at Liberty's graduation this year.