Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Road to the Nomination - GOP

The GOP is even further over the map than the Dems. Will that prove them to be more salt of the earth? Can a cinderella candidate like Ouachita Baptist take on a traditional powerhouse like BYU? Altitude may prove to be a factor, as will homecourt advantage and the tiny confines of Wartburg College. With enough candidates to require a play-in round, this much is for sure - we're gonna have a battle on our hands! Let the wedge issue advocacy begin!

Again, let me know what you think about the format and the seedings. As Guy Noir might say, see you in St. Paul!


Vince said...

damn, for a second i confused western state university with western state college of div ii xc fame.

but i have a gripe with your bracket. you have the 5 seed in a play-in game. the play-in games should be between the lowest seeds. so if there are ten teams, seven should play ten, and eight should play nine. the winner of the 7/10 matchup then plays the 2 seed. the 8/9 winner plays the 1 seed.

i give the 10-team hypo because i think you created "mike huckabee" out of thin air.

Vince said...

oh, snap. huckabee graduated magna cum laude in 2.5 years.

another idea: what about allowing candidates to compete for their graduate school alma maters, especially where the candidate didn't exhaust his eligibility? think peter duyan--he could rep bowdoin or dartmouth.

zone said...

wow, while i was peeping this GOP bracket all i could think was "Huckabee has a nice straight path to the finals" (meaning, i thought he would blow through the bottom half of the GOP bracket). I don't know if it's because you are domiciled in MA right now, but giving the top three spots to the "moderates" seems a little crazy to me. to be fair, there isn't really anybody to challenge them, kinda like the Bears in the NFC. but i can't see the religious right getting on board with Rudy or Mitt. and without that base of support, no nomination.

Huckabee has real potential though. he is a relative unknown, smart, from the south. i guess much will depend on how "presidential" he looks and sounds. but it's still early enough that he can work on that. i see him making a serious run if he keeps his nose clean.

BTB said...

In terms of the play-in round, I felt that being a favorite is so important in Presidential politics because of the small major donor base, it was crucial to be a top-4 seed. As for using grad school alma maters, that would mean that Tom Tancredo would be disqualified, since he only has a BA, which is pretty tight. And yeah, I did a double take on Western State, too. I had to google it to make sure.

I think Huckabee will do well if he can make Jared from Subway his running mate, and take a weight loss platform all the way to the White House. That, and it depends on how well Mitt can position himself as a staunch right winger.