Thursday, January 4, 2007

House Party

With official swearing-in duties over and done, the Democrats have taken over leadership duties in both the US House and Senate and I really couldn't care much less. I don't mean to be cynical, just forgetful. After a long legislative vacation, due in part to the permanent campaign and in part to the holiday season, it feels like congress has actually been do-nothing for at least 2 months. Out of sight, out of mind. Throw in all of the false promise of partnership for the new year and I would rather just skip the newspaper for a couple of days. But alas, I will give some mention to the momentous occasion that is the first edition of Madam Speaker. Well, because we must think of the children. Now bring on the legislation, and that right slowly!
The Fix tells us today that Giuliani has added more staff, including Arnold's old communications director. The Fix, I might add, truly is a fix for the political junkie. If you don't read it a few times a week already, I would recommend it as a prescient New Year's Resolution. My boy Howard Kurtz is tight and all, but this blows Media Notes out of the water.
Well, there is only so much to say out here in Quabbin Qountry and two posts in as many days leaves a fellow breathless sometimes. Give me my leave, good sirs and madam speakers, that I may look up at the still-blazing moon and feel the early spring air drift up the valley in pockets of wind and warmth.

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