Saturday, December 9, 2006

Quabbin Qountry Queries

I have been thinking about creating a venue for writing for quite a while and today while I was running up Mount Lincoln I decided that now was as good a time as any. My hope is that I will put something up at least once a week, and more importantly that I will have something interesting to say, and even better that I will live my life with the intent of discovering interesting things to say. Here's to Solley, and all the other bloggers out there.

From the shores of the Quabbin,

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jeremy said...

didn't read the second entry yet, but i have to say, never worry about what you say being interesting. of course i say that and worry myself, but clearly it doesn't stop me writing. i'm always furthest from a computer when i have something interesting to say, but that's how shit goes. and in my more than four year history i've read plenty of random blogs that are absolute horse shit, blogs where boring would be a compliment, blogs where the writer is so self-important it is hilarious (i guess to blog maybe you're already fairly self-important, i don't know). anyway, what the fuck am i talking about? welcome to the blogging world bones, where i still contend i have a diary rather than blog.