Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It Begins, again

Briefly, the news has been fast and furious on the 2008 front lately. As soon as I figure out links, the 3Q should be quite a bit more informative (editor's note - I figured it out and have since added links). But the rundown for those not in the know - a couple days ago Barack took his first trip to NH since all the speculation. Clinton met with governor-elect Spitzer to discuss the viability of a run. Pataki met with a half dozen governors who were in office ca. 1995 for a tour of ground zero and more Presidential feasibility chat. That same day, McCain was the keynote speaker at a prominent gathering of a Jewish group in the city. Today's Dowd column in the times compares Obama and Clinton vis-a-vis their respective whiteness and manliness. Tom Vilsack of Iowa officially threw his hat into the ring, and a bunch of people set up exploratory committees.

I don't know if it is just because I am paying more attention (possibly) or because it is an open contest (probably) but it seems like this cycle's primary season will be far more high profile than the past few elections. I wasn't in NH for 2000 but I was able to stand, alongside a German exchange student and a croud of ghetto children, behind Bill Bradley at a Boys and Girls Club in Hilltop Tacoma for a photo op without any scrutiny. Meanwhile, it seemed like loads of people were being gladhanded by McCain and Teve Torbes on the television. In 2004 I shared a Sam Adams and a few words about xc with Senator Kerry at a Portsmouth pub, watches John Edwards among a crowd of roughly 25 mostly homeless people who were only there for the free hot dogs that the Sunshine Boy handed out afterward.

Am I being cynical when I wonder aloud that no such grassroots action will be achievable with Hillary, Barack, McCain, and Giuliani? Or am I just starstruck?

In other news, I spoke with the Holyoke High track coach and it looks like I will be volunteering a couple times a week with the distances squad with the hope of an asst. coach position opening up for the outdoor season. GO KNIGHTS?

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