Saturday, August 23, 2008

Rocky Mountain High


I find myself once again neglecting my post at Quabbin Qountry, so for posterity here I go with a quick update. I am heading to Denver tomorrow morning to cover the Democratic convention, followed by a road trip up to St. Paul for the Republicans, a town that "must have been designed by drunken Irishmen" according to the sainted Jesse Ventura. Can't wait.

Life on the road, Kage. I'll be pretty busy the next few weeks but I expect to have sometime between the conventions to throw down some hardcore 3Q shit from Des Moines, Iowa reflecting on the convention and what a difference a year makes.

Otherwise, as I read this morning, sperm count doubles when a male is traveling. So I better be careful. But for now I am off to hempfest here in the Geoduck City to show my support for the cause then up to Tacoma for the Parkway's annual IPA fest and then on the bus to the airport early Sunday.

Hear me now. Keep it legal, brah. Safe.

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