Tuesday, April 1, 2008



I, the blogger, have not visited this site in well over a month, and shame on me. Still, I see that hit counts have grown in that time to the point where we have cracked 10,000 views. I want to once again thank everyone who has ever wasted their time looking at the 3Q blog, while simultaneously commending you on your good judgment.

Whereas I have not updated in two full months, I come to say that I aim to end that behavior. New posts will likely have nothing to do with politics, but the beast within that craves communication lives on, and I intend to feed him even if he is on a diet.

Tonight I sit in the Parkway Tavern on I Street in Tacoma, one of the great roads in this City of Destiny, not three hundred yards from Wright Park. Though I come here to write straight mumbo jumbo about political candidates, my heart seeks something greater.

Maybe it is the fake fireplace, maybe it is the David Bowie on the radio, but I think it is more likely the strong memories of Quabbin that have haunted me the last two weeks. After all, this blog saw its headwaters form in hop-infested nights at the Moan and Dove on Rte. 116 in South Amherst, where I used go to get out of the house, complete my beer list and meet college girls. The first one still works out, but the second does not exist and I have tragically grown too old for the third count.

Alas, passion lives on in this mild world of the Pacific Northwest. Admittedly, it takes some cultivation this far from the lifeblood of the Connecticut River, but still fruit can grow. Expect more, expect better.

I'll see you down the road, the dirt road.


netto said...

it's about damn time.

Julie said...

and...one month later...?

Luke V. said...

:( waiting...